I was born and raised out in country New South Wales, Australia. This meant growing up baking mud pies out in the hot sun, over-feeding fat little puppies milk they didn't want or need and trudging up and down narrow troughs filled with leafy corn stalks and deliciously plump tomatoes hanging on their vines. And hugging baby kangaroos!

Later, I headed to Sydney where I worked on movies - Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby as well as The Quiet American in Vietnam. Still in production I ventured into events and worked on various Olympic Games (Beijing, Vancouver and Rio), survived India during the Commonwealth Games, and even had a stint in Azerbaijan on the European Games and froze myself in Kazakhstan on the Asian Winter Games.  

Once back in Sydney I produced some TVCs with Woolworths and travelled Australia filming various growers with their amazing produce.  My dalliance with food continued when English celebrity chef Rick Stein came to Sydney to film his segment on the BBC's A Chef's Journey. We also travelled down the east coast of Australia and across to Tasmania on an awesome adventure the film the project. 

A two week stint to Abu Dhabi to work on Formula 1 turned into two and a half years and I'm still here in the United Arab Emirates! By end of 2018 I will travel between the UAE and France - which I will call ma maison!


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